OFF THE BEATEN PATH | Welcome to BC Route 7

OFF THE BEATEN PATH | Welcome to BC Route 7

December 19, 2019 For over 10 years, the communities along BC’s Route 7 Highway have worked together to tell a story and share experiences along the north side of the ... Learn more

Christmas Shopping on BC’s Holiday Season Highway

December 1, 2019 While travelling along the BC Route 7, you’re going to want to find a rest stop to stretch your legs - so why not make it one of these shopping locations... Learn more

The Holiday Season Highway: BC Route 7

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BC Route 7: Hollywood North

September 10, 2019 British Columbia has been host to countless major film and television productions, and in recent years, this already burgeoning industry has exploded i... Learn more

Farm & Market Stops along BC Route 7

July 31, 2019 We’ve compiled a list of farm stops and markets along BC Route 7, so take advantage, and do some exploring!   Dr. Bee’s Honeyland Canada ... Learn more

Historic Tours Along Route 7

June 14, 2018 Taking historic tours along the Scenic 7 Highway can be an adventure, as there are many sites and attractions to be explored along the way. At Scenic 7 BC,... Learn more

Exploring the District of Kent & Agassiz During the Holiday Season

November 28, 2017 The District of Kent offers a natural playground for an assortment of activities, all year round, including swimming, golfing, biking, hang-gliding, and sk... Learn more