End of the Rainbow – Evergreen Cultural Centre

Event Date: September 23, 2017 Coquitlam

There are moments in the theatre when you lean forward in your seat with shivers down your spine and realize there is nowhere on earth you’d rather be!Electrifying, intense and real this production will leave you breathless. End of The Rainbow is a true account of the twilight of an all too mortal goddess on the eve of her destruction and is revealing in a way seldom found in the tabloids. See that perilous bipolar energy that so often animates great performers. Touch this woman at your own risk. She burns…every chapter of Garland’s history is alive; she is foul mouthed, flirtatious, erotic, childlike, unedited, manipulative and supremely self-conscious as she makes love and war with her keepers. Judy has a strong sense of herself as a human tragedy on a world stage, but her sense of humour, of the absurdity of it all is just as sharp and appallingly funny…and then…she sings! And all those disparate elements coalesce into a coherent riveting

End of the Rainbow