Historic Tours Along Route 7

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Taking historic tours along the Scenic 7 Highway can be an adventure, as there are many sites and attractions to be explored along the way. At Scenic 7 BC, we know all of the hidden gems along the Scenic 7 Highway and we love to share our sites and attractions with people passing through. If you are thinking about hitting the Scenic 7 Highway this summer, here are some of our favourite places to visit.

Sites and Attractions Along the Scenic 7 Highway

Whether you are taking a day trip or are heading out for the weekend, there are many sites and attractions along the Scenic 7 Highway that are perfect for all ages. Some of the best sites and attractions along the Scenic 7 Highway include:

Maillardville & Mackin House Museum

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Built in 1909, Maillardville and Mackin House Museum in Coquitlam gives guests a chance to step back in time. Consider attending one of the many events or workshops to learn more about Coquitlam’s history before taking a stroll through the beautiful Maillardville grounds.

Maple Ridge Museum

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The Maple Ridge Museum provides visitors with insights into the history of First Nations, settlers, and the prominent families of historic Maple Ridge. Explore one of the many exhibits offered or take your time viewing the Port Haney area model railway diorama.

Stave Falls Powerhouse

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Step back 100 years in time at the Stave Falls Powerhouse by exploring old photos, artifacts, and exhibits showing the progression of electrical components throughout the decades. Open from March 1 to October 8, the Stave Falls Powerhouse in Mission offers a selection of interactive displays that will engage visitors of all ages.


Kilby Historic Site

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Kilby Historic Site allows visitors to explore Harrison Mills as it was back in 1906. Stop in at the General Store Museum to see artifacts and packaging from the early 1920’s to 1930’s before heading to the Kilby Cafe and Gift Shop for some true homestyle cooking.

Agassiz-Harrison Museum

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Step back into 1893 by visiting the Agassiz-Harrison Museum located in one of Canada’s oldest wooden Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) stations. Amerce yourself in the history and culture of Agassiz and Harrison by exploring one of the many current exhibits on display.


If you would like to learn more about historic tours along the Scenic 7 Highway, or if you are interested in learning about other communities and attractions, please contact Scenic 7 BC by filling out a contact form on our website.