The Best Places to Eat in Harrison Hot Springs

Published On: May 17, 2018Categories: Dining

At Scenic 7 BC, we know that one of the best things about exploring new places along the Scenic 7 Highway is getting to enjoy and experience the local restaurants and cuisines. If you are thinking about stopping in Harrison Hot Springs this summer, here is are some of the best places to eat in Harrison Hot Springs.

The best places to eat in Harrison Hot Springs

Old Settler Pub

For those who are looking to enjoy classic west coast pub favourites, the Old Settler Pub in Harrison Hot Springs might be the right fit for you. This small-town pub takes pub food up a notch by creating mouth-watering meals that are sure to impress everyone at the table. Whether you are looking to enjoy the quaint setting or the spectacular river-side views that the Old Settler Pub has to offer, there is nothing better than enjoying a scrumptious meal in a comfortable and inviting environment. Old Settler Pub serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a wide range of gluten free options.


Muddy Waters Cafe in Harrison Hot Springs

Muddy Waters Cafe

One of the great pleasures about visiting Harrison Hot Springs is being able to grab a quick bite or a coffee to take with you as you stroll along the beach. Muddy Waters Cafe is a down-to-earth cafe and espresso bar offering a selection of delectable treats and farm-to-table meals; located directly across from the beach, offering stunning vistas as you eat. Whether you are looking to grab a snack and hit the beach or to sit and enjoy the view, Muddy Waters Cafe is the perfect place for family and friends to gather.


Muddy Waters Cafe: One of the best places to eat in Harrison Hot Springs

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