Top 7 Places to Enjoy the Outdoors on Route 7

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At Scenic 7 BC, we know that being outdoors in the summer is at the top of everyone’s to-do list. The best way to see and experience the great outdoors, is to make a trip to each of these spots along Scenic 7 Highway. Trust us they won’t disappoint.

#7 Sasquatch Provincial Park

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Located north of Harrison Hot Springs, Sasquatch Provincial Park is characterized by a series of pocket lakes, a unique second-growth and birch forest, and scenic mountain ridges.

Hicks and Deer Lakes are ideal for motor-boating and canoeing while Trout Lake provides a tranquil fishing experience. Visitors can also enjoy camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, and picnicking. Here at Sasquatch Provincial Park you will likely see and encounter a large variety of wildlife species including beaver, mountain goat, woodpeckers, warblers, and vireos. Several rare species have been observed in the park, including the bald eagle, tailed frog, and black petaltail dragonfly. The lakes and streams in the park provide excellent fish habitat for over ten species of fish from the sturgeon, smelt, salmon, catfish, and stickleback families.

#6 Circle Farm Tour

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📍 Farm House Natural Cheese

Many of you right now might be asking what is a Circle Farm Tour? A Circle Farm Tour is a road map that directs you to a variety of specialty farm-gate vendors, open air markets, charming eateries, heritage sites, fairs, and other special events. Online you will find that there is a brochure and map for each participating community. The tours are self-guided, meaning that you travel in your own car, at your own pace, when it suits you. Each community brochure/map directs you from 10 – 20 venues. All stops are related in some way to agriculture and the area’s farming heritage.

Depending on where you live, what your interests are, and how much time you have, you can build your own itinerary for a day trip or a full vacation. What’s better than your own planned tour? Check out the Event Calendar for unique activities, and the Farm Feed for up to date information and tips on how to plan and enjoy your personalized Circle Farm Tour!

To find a tour that is just right for you, visit their website: Circle Farm Tours

#5 Kayak the Harrison River

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You probably are already aware that Harrison has some magical healing hot springs at its core, but there is a whole free-spirit side to Harrison that you may not be aware of. Harrison is known for its kayaking!

Harrison Eco Tours provides those visiting to enjoy their time on the water. Take part in their two hour introductory tour: Dabble with a Paddle. This is the perfect trip for the novice or experienced paddler. Another great option if you have the time is the River Tour. This guided trip will take you down the length of the Harrison River to Kilby Provincial Park. Paddle past First Nations’ petroglyphs, burial sites, and the historic “Bubble and Squeak” sunken steamship; take in the abundant wildlife and scenic beauty that our area is known for!

*Recommended for active adults.

#4 Cascade Falls

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Cascade Falls is a 22 hectare park with lush forest and a beautiful creek that winds through a ravine. About 300 metres away sits a scenic waterfall which plummets 30 metres into an emerald pool. It is located in Cascade Falls Regional Park in Mission, B.C. People often misread this is a ‘hike’ but it is considered more of a short leisurely walk to a viewing platform. At the top of the trail, you’ll find a suspension bridge which takes visitors to a close-up viewing area of the entire falls. The Falls is a great off-season hike one that is perfect for the full family. Save it for a lazy, overcast Sunday when you want to get outside but don’t feel like an epic day-hike.

*WARNING! This area has steep cliffs, slippery rocks and unstable ground. For your own safety, remain on designated trails, obey posted signs and do not cross fences.


#3 Mountain Biking

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Located on the edge of nature it’s no surprise that Coquitlam is a prime location for mountain biking. Eagle and Burke Mountain are two of the top spots that offer a variety of trails and a true West Coast style of riding.


#2 Golden Ears Provincial Park

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As one of the largest parks in the province, Golden Ears Provincial Park is prized for its recreational opportunities. The extensive system of trails within the park provides an excellent opportunity for hiking and horseback riding.

Alouette Lake is a popular spot for swimming, windsurfing, water-skiing, canoeing, boating and fishing. The park also has three large campgrounds if you choose to stay and explore the area longer.

#1 HBC Trail

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Enjoy a spectacular journey along this historical non-motorized Hudson’s Bay Company Brigade Trail of 1849. This trail, used by the First Nations people, Hudson Bay Fur Traders and gold seekers, is rated moderate and is not recommended for the inexperienced or weak knees. The whole route is about 74 km long when travelling from Peers Creek/HBC Trail recreation site trailhead (Hope side access) and exiting at the Tulameen Plateau, west of Princeton. The trail will take you over old logging roads that go through old-growth timber areas where you will discover many new trails and improvements that have surfaced throughout the years.

If you’re one for camping there are now a lot of designated campsites available along this trail, making it popular for those multi-night excursions. If you’re up for a little hike, there are some major elevation gains to take advantage of. To add another unexpected and fun twist to this trail, travel horseback along designated areas such as Horse Corral.

*Bonus Location: Othello Tunnels

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If you or your family loves spending time outdoors, there is no better place to visit than the Othello Tunnels just north of Hope. This series of five tunnels and bridges, originally designed for railway use, offer an easy hiking trail (3.5 km return route) that is suitable for all ages. Yes, it’s a bit of a drive depending where you live – but believe us, it’s well worth the trip! As you walk along the trail that leads through the canyon and tunnels, all of your senses will be invoked by the sudden change in temperature, the smell of damp earth, and the roaring cacophony of the Coquihalla River below. Once finished with your hike, consider enjoying a nice quiet meal in the parks picnic area. The Othello Tunnels are open to the public from May to mid-October.

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