Top 7 Roadside Attractions on Route 7

Published On: May 26, 2018Categories: Attractions

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Top 7 Roadside Attractions While Driving Along the Scenic 7 Highway

At Scenic 7 BC, we know that the best way to see and experience roadside attractions, is to hop in your car and head down the long windy pavement yourself. If you are thinking about making a few stops along your journey, stop in at any of these 7 Roadside Attractions while driving along the Scenic 7 Highway

7. Stave Lake Powerhouse

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For those looking for a more in-depth historical experience, try visiting the Powerhouse at Stave Falls. The Powerhouse at Stave Falls Visitor Centre is based in a 100-year-old facility that is a National Historic Site of Canada. The perfect day trip for families of all ages, who can experience electricity and how it has changed through the last century, with a wide range of demonstrations, artifacts and interactive experiences.

6. Agassiz Farm House Natural Cheeses, Agassiz

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The Farm House Cheeses located in the beautiful Fraser Valley, produces handmade artisan cheeses and specialties from the rich, fresh whole milk that the farm’s own dairy cows and goats make. You’ll find a quaint on-farm cheese shop where you can sample and purchase all of the different varieties of cheeses as well as our traditional Greek style yogurt & bottled cows and goats milk. The milk is delivered directly from the dairy to the cheese room daily, where you can look in on the cheese-making process. Treat yourself to an Italian-style gelati ice cream and go for a self-guided tour to visit our farm animals.

5. Kilby Historic Site, FVRD

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Located near the junction of the Harrison and Fraser Rivers, the Kilby Historic Site stands as the only reminder of the once thriving community of Harrison Mills. Here you can step back in time and enjoy a leisurely tour of the Kilby Historic Site with its magnificent 1906 General Store Museum. Visitors will view a fascinating gallery of product packaging that dates back to the 1920s and 1930s. Don’t miss the intriguing artifacts in the heritage Post Office and Manchester House Hotel; both were an integral part of the Harrison Mills community at the turn of the twentieth century.

4. Sasquatch Museum, Harrison Hot Springs

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Let Harrison’s museum lead you through compelling artifacts, history, witness accounts, science, lore, and myths. Have you ever questions weather the Sasquatch is real or not? Before you do that, don’t dismiss the possibilities until you’ve explored the museums entire collection. The history of the Sasquatch with both First Nations and settlers is part of what makes it so unique.  As the anglicized pronunciation the Sts’ailes word, Sa:sq’ets, the Sasquatch is the “primary caretaker who watches over the land” and is integral to the Sts’ailes people. The mystery of “Bigfoot” has led thousands to search for signs of the Ape-like beast, and since then, it still continues to be an age old tradition.

The Sasquatch Museum is located at the Harrison Visitor Information Center at the corner of Hot Springs Road and Walnut.  Hours will vary by season and the Sasquatch Museum will be open during Visitor Center Hours.

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3. Othello Tunnels, Hope

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If your family loves spending time outdoors, there is no better place to visit than the Othello Tunnels just north of Hope. This series of five tunnels, originally designed for railway use, offer an easy hiking trail that is suitable for all ages. As you walk along the trail that leads through the canyon and tunnels, all of your senses will be invoked by the sudden change in temperature, the smell of damp earth, and the roaring cacophony of the Coquihalla River below. Once finished with your hike, consider enjoying a nice quiet meal in the parks picnic area. The Othello Tunnels are open to the public from May to mid-October.

2. Cascade Falls, Mission

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Cascade Falls is a 22 hectare park with lush forest and a beautiful creek that winds through a ravine. About 300 metres away sits a scenic waterfall which plummets 30 metres into an emerald pool. It is located in Cascade Falls Regional Park in Mission, B.C. People often misread this is a ‘hike’ but it is considered more of a short leisurely walk to a viewing platform. At the top of the trail, you’ll find a suspension bridge which takes visitors to a close-up viewing area of the entire falls. The Falls is a great off-season hike one that is perfect for the full family. Save it for a lazy, overcast Sunday when you want to get outside but don’t feel like an epic day-hike.

*WARNING! This area has steep cliffs, slippery rocks and unstable ground. For your own safety, remain on designated trails, obey posted signs and do not cross fences. Cascade Creek is very cold, varies in depth, and is very swift.

1. 224 Street, Maple Ridge

This quaint shopping district, nestled on 224 Street between Lougheed Highway and Dewdney Trunk Road, offers several boutique shops and services. Some of the unique gifts and items you will find here include: a tea & whimsical gift shop, a candle shop, a kids’ boutique store, a jewelry store, art stores, home décor and so much more! Along 224 Street is where you will find The ACT Arts Centre and the Leisure Centre and Pool.

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*Bonus Location – The Hard Rock Casino

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The Hard Rock Casino located in Coquitlam is home to all things that will make you want to get out of the house for!Unparalleled entertainment, gaming, and restaurant options make this place the perfect choice for anyone looking for things to do in Vancouver. A gaming floor offers over 950 slot machines and a number of table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, pai gow, and craps. Did you know they also have a theatre that hosts some of the best Vancouver concerts, comedy shows, and performances? Hard Rock Casino also boasts a variety of restaurants serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night eats, from a fully-stocked buffet to an atmospheric lounge. The excitement of the casino floor, amazing concerts and events, and restaurant selections for everyone – makes this place perfect for all.

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